The right window blinds for your bathroom or kitchen

When it comes to choosing a new blind for your kitchen or bathroom the options can seem endless. From Venetian to wood and roller to Roman blinds, even if you think you know which type will suit your home best you’ll need to ask yourself is it really practical?

In both kitchens and bathrooms, there is a constant battle with steam, condensation, humidity and food spills – conditions in which unsuitable blinds can perish. With this in mind, you may need to reconsider your options.

Think twice about choosing real wood blinds


white faux wood venetian blinds in white kitchen with wooden dining table and chairs

Although you may dream of dressing your kitchen or bathroom windows in luxury blinds made from real wood, the reality is that damp or humid environments can stain, warp and even twist them over time.

Don’t worry, the dream isn’t over yet as there are some deceivingly realistic faux wood blinds available on the market. This Faux Wood venetian blind is ideal for rooms that gather condensation and looks beautifully authentic.

Choose a suitable fabric


fabric roller blind in bathroom with copper bath tub

When opting for fabric blinds, be sure to avoid cotton, linen and silk as they can rot, fade or shrink in moist environments. Alternatively, you should choose more suitable materials such as Polyester, Glass Fibre and Viscose.

You will be able to find a variety of beautiful and unusual fabrics better suited to kitchens and bathrooms plus, they have much greater longevity than natural materials.

Blinds to block out sunlight


white venetian blind in white bathroom

If dazzling sunrays flood through your kitchen or bathroom windows, Venetian or verticle blinds are your best choice for filtering unwanted light. They effectively deflect bright sunlight away while allowing just the right amount of light to enter the room.

Blinds for your privacy


cream up down duo shade kitchen blind above kitchen sink

If your kitchen or bathroom windows are overlooked by another house or a public street, it can be mean that your privacy is compromised. In order to restore your privacy you will need a blind that covers the length and width of your windows well, and is made up of opqaue material that lets sufficient light into the room.

In this case, the best option to consider is a Bottom Up blind. Day and Night top down/bottom up Duoshade blinds are the perfect choice as they retain your privacy while allowing light to filter in from the top.

Waterproof blinds for your bathroom


premium blinds in sage in grey scheme bathroom

If you’re looking to replace your bathroom blind with a practical and stylish model, Polymer Shutters are highly recommended. Unlike wooden shutters, they’re waterproof, rot-resistant, and they will not twist or fade in steamy rooms.

We have two stunning ranges of shutter blinds that are uniquely constructed from advanced polmer materials which is indistinguishable from painted wood. These will not warp, crack or fade and they also have superior heat and sound insulation and are practically indestructible.

Blinds that retain heat


grey blinds in kitchen

If you have a particularly cold bathroom or kitchen that suffers from insulation issues, the Duoshade pleated honeycomb blind is an excellent choice that will help to retain heat. It has a double layer of pleated fabric in a honeycomb pattern that traps air between the two layers of the blind keeps the heat in the room as well as reflecting excessive heat.

Blinds that darken rooms


flower print roman blind with blackout lining in modern kitchen

If you’re looking for a little more privacy or simply want to darken a room, a Roman blind with blackout lining is the ideal option to suit your needs. Great for open plan kitchens or kitchen dinning rooms, Roman blinds are practical and elegant as they block out unwanted while remaining beautifully decorative.